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Erica Wirth 

Photography - Education - Conservation 

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you can find valuable information and inspiring images. I feel that we all have a shared responsibility to care for our planet. My goal is to help people develop meaningful connections to the world around them through education and photography. Please explore this website for more information about my work! 



My mission is to help people develop meaningful relationships with nature through education and photography to empower others to develop environmental stewardship. 


Understanding environmental issues and reading scientific articles can be complex and daunting. Through podcasting and leading ecotours, I work to break down barriers between science and the general public developing easily accessible educational materials and experiences that are valuable and easily digestable. 

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I am fortunate enough to spend much of my time on the water as a Naturalist in Monterey Bay where I have the opportunity to photograph some amazing wildlife. You can view and purchase photos here!  

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